Essay about World War 2

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During 1939-1945 was one of the worst wars America has ever seen this was World War II. During World War II, many Americans had to change their lives by doing more for the military than themselves for example they had to conserve energy and other important things, consider new jobs/relocate, and Ration their food. In document 1 it’s showing how people would be encouraged to carpool, saying that if you didn’t you’d be riding with Hitler almost. They would say this because by car pulling that saved fuel and they needed more fuel for things like Tanks and Aircrafts in the military. Americans were also encouraged to buy only what was need so no luxury items (Doc 5). Their lives were affected bc they no longer had additional items in the homes that they liked to have, for the better I believe though. One thing that happened during World War II that was rare was women got jobs in America! They were also allowed to join the military but weren't allowed to be a part of the combat. Document 3 shows a picture of a women advertising jobs that many Americans might want. This was a positive affect for the American population. After Pearl Harbor many Americans feared that the Japanese were going to attack again and they had to prepare. One way they prepared is they took Japanese people in America to these camps and one case is shown in document 2 where a girl had to leave her home in California to go live in Louisiana. Americans were forced to relocate and thats a negative affect but it helped us win in a way. Now, during the war Americans had to ration their food so that men in war would