World War 2 Propaganda Research Paper

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` Propaganda is information used to promote a political cause. However, the information used in propaganda does not necessarily have to be true. One example of widespread propaganda was that used in World War II. Propaganda was used to advance the causes of those who were fighting in World War II. It was used mainly to help more people join the army to fight for their country. World War II propaganda consisted of attempting to get people to enlist by making them feel guilty, saying there is no time to think and they must act now, and by attempting to reach all different kinds of people for their cause.

One way that propaganda was used in World War II was the attempt to get people to enlist by saying that it is their duty. They wanted to make people feel guilty if they did not join, because it is their
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They tried to have people act now, and to join as soon as they could. One example is shown in the first poster. The first poster depicts soldiers trying to rapidly repair their jeep as there are explosions around them. This makes people get a sense of what war is like. They don't want more people to die and get a sense of urgency to help the cause. Anther example is in the third poster. At the bottom of the poster it tells people in capital letters to apply to the nearest recruiting depot or to write to a recruitment inspector. This allows people to immediately know where to go and to have no time to think. One more example is in the fifth poster. The fifth poster shows a clock and says " 10 Minutes Wasted a Day Means a Production Loss in a Year of 10 Destroyers or 30 Cargo Ships." This makes people want to rush to help the cause because they don't want to have a risk of losing the war or for more people to be killed. Propaganda used in World War II often created a sense of urgency so those would not think and just immediately help their