World War 2 Was One of the Worlds Darkest Period Essay

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Edwin Lopez April 15, 2013
Social Studies

World War II

World War II was one of the worlds darkest periods. In 1942, American troops officially entered the war. This brought changes to the American home front. Women were taking men’s place at work. All of America was helping out to support its soldiers, but a fear of immigrants also came along with this. Americans also rationed things to support soldiers. Women were playing a big role back home. As stated in document 1, women were now working in steel mills, something they never did before. Since many baseball players were in the war, The All American Girl Professional Baseball League was created. Women playing baseball was unheard of. Now women weren’t just telephone operators, they were now doing much more. As an result WWII brought changes to women’s lives all around the world. Wartime Rationing was also a big role during WWII. As stated in document 2, rationing was when the government puts a limit on what you can buy. Wartime Rationing was necessary because they needed enough food for soldiers to eat. Rationing affected homes too. As stated in document 4, the mother and daughter are canning food to save for later on because they need to save food so there is more for the soldiers. Wartime Rationing is a big way that WWII affected American life at homes.