Essay on World War Ii and American Century

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Change and Continuity over Time Beginning in 1903, America’s Construction of the Panama Canal initiated the beginning of the American Century. In this time period, America was able to achieve stupendous accomplishments which include but are not limited to: putting a man on the moon and aiding the Allies in World War II. The transfer of the canal in 1999 did not mark the end of the great American Century because the United States stands and sustains the strongest military in the world. In 1969, the Apollo 11 space shuttle landed on the moon igniting America’s dominant space program. Putting a man on the moon showed our advanced level of technology and intelligence superiority to countries all around the world. This remarkable achievement marked history worldwide and indicated America’s supremacy over astronomy. World War II was one of, if not the most catastrophic war in all of time. Under the rein of Hitler, Germany attempted take over the world, killing millions of innocent Jews and other minority races. America joined the Allies and fought with them against Germany, resulting in a win for the Allies. With the help of America, Germany was defeated and lost World War II. Without America’s assistance, the world would be a much darker place and a majority of the world would still be being oppressed by Adolf Hitler, the leader of the Nazi Party. The United States Armed Forces stand as having the strongest military in the entire world. With this outstanding