World War Ii and Henry James Essay

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Kaitlyn Carlberg
AP English
Daisy Miller
October 30th, 2012
The Adventures of Daisy Miller Henry James was an important individual creating many works of classical fiction. He was born on April 15th, 1843 in New York City as the second child in a family of five born to Henry James Sr. Education was the most important to Henry James Sr; so many times their family would spend their time traveling in Europe and the major cities of England, Italy, Switzerland, France, and Germany, while being taught their languages and literature. Several times Henry James tried attending schools for law and science but none of them ever worked out so he decided to become a writer. James left America many times and traveled to Paris and London creating many works of short fiction. As Henry James began to grow old, he decided to move from the hectic city of London, to a quieter city of Rye where he continued to write many works of literature. In 1904, James decided to return to America. A few years later when World War II emerged, James disagreed with America’s stubbornness to join the war. He then later became a British citizen in 1915 and in 1916 was awarded the Order of Merit by King George V. Henry James suffering from a stroke a few months earlier died on February 28th, 1916 from an pneumonia. The setting of the novel takes place in many different cities and countries, like Rome, Geneva, Switzerland, Vevey and Italy. The beginning of the novella starts in Vevey, Switzerland where,