World War Ii and Kokoda- Political- Australia Essay

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World War II profoundly changed every country in the world. The world war polarised into East and West, Russia and the United States, communist and capitalist. There was a climate of fear and tension in the world.
After World War II, Australia was faced with many challenges. There was, as in many countries in the West, a fear of the spread of communism. As Australia drew closer ties with the United States, Australia participated in many wars overseas, such as Vietnam. The strain of overseas wars and the fear of communism highlighted many tensions within Australian society.

Think about short and long term impact both socially and politically.
Things to consider-
Kokoda- Political- Australia looking to US- why? What did this lead to?
Social- Impact of this type of fighting on the soldiers and what they were like when they got back to Australia.

Atomic bomb- Political- End of paranoia about invasion which led to the White
Australia policy
Social- Relief, people perceived US as strength.

Pearl Harbour- Political- Australian turn towards US as a partner
Social- What impact did this turn have on people in Australia when US troops were stationed in Australia?

POW’s- Political- Australian’s in other countries or POW’s kept in Australia.
Government policy and negotiation to get POW’s

HMAS Sydney- Political- Potential invasion and not knowing what was going on. Social- Invasion being imminent- people were very scared.

Bombing of Darwin- Political- Australia is going to be invaded- what will the government do about it?
Social- Invasion being imminent- people were very scared.

For all topics- Overview of life in Australia during WWII

Political and Social impact

* Kokoda