World War Ii and Kokoda Track Essay

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Kokoda Track Campaign
A significant battle of World War II would be the Kokoda Track. It was significant to Australians because it was fought so close to home. Kokoda was certainly the most significant battle fought by Australians in the Second World War. The Kokoda Track is also significant in a symbolic sense because the “Kokoda Track” has captured the hearts and imagination of all Australians.
The Kokoda campaign saved Australia from possible invasion, from the Japanese. Port Moresby held a strong tactical position, and preventing the Japanese from reaching it was vital. Secondly, the battle was fought extremely well against the odds. The amazing feats performed by Australian soldiers lead to the growth of the Australian nation. Lastly, Kokoda was the battle that led to victory in the Second World War.
The Kokoda Track Campaign was part of the Pacific War of World War II. It was fought between the Allies (Australia and United States of America) and the Japanese. The Australian troops had to save Port Moresby from getting invaded from the Japanese because if so, the Japanese could have easily invaded Australia. The Australian troops fought extremely well in the harsh and unforgiving nature of the Kokoda Track. There were more than 600 Allies killed but 4000 of the allies were sick, with diseases like malaria. The Australians fought against all the odds and without the help of Britain. Other battles that may be considered the most significant fought by…