World War Ii and Major Positive Outcomes Essay examples

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The Effects of World War II

Looking back to 1939, it was the year that changed lives of many. It came with a good and bad outcome. Some of the major positive outcomes from this war was that The Great Depression was ended, many lives were saved, and new jobs were given. The war produce some negative outcomes such as the slaughter of many innocent Jewish people. Also one of the biggest naval stations on U.S. soil (Pear Harbor) was destroyed and many American soldiers were greatly affected. World War II affected the world in many ways of our culture, ideology and opinion towards things.

First, World War II effected our culture . The War effected our culture by how we do things today. World War II changed us as a nation in countless and complex ways. There are three areas that were important and continue to have important effects today. It brought an end to a tradition of isolationism, it changed a sense of America's invulnerability, it launched an era of increase in finances for the United States. America had been isolationist, keeping to itself in global matters, for most of its history. American isolationism was renewed with a vengeance. It remained so strong in the 1930s that Americans even were against any move to stop the rise of Fascism in Europe. It was this long tradition of isolationism that was finally broken by World War II. In a result to all of this, America’s economy and military grew stronger.

In addition, the ideology showed the violence created by the corrupted people . Innocent people lives were taken away because of the religion they practiced. If you were considered a Jew, Gypsies or didn’t look acceptable to Hitler you would be sent to a concentration camp. In these camps there was forced labor and they were also feed rations