Essay on World War Ii and State Extends Restricted

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The media have embedded values and points of view. Media like newspaper need to say true. However sometimes it was subtext and change of meaning. It was affected from social relation and person. Also it would be embedded from political or economic. For example “Enemy Aliens; The State Extends Restricted Areas” in world war 2, the us fought with Japan. Of course Americans dislike Japan but the US fought with Japan government, not Japanese. Americans were ignored deportation even their citizens too. Why Japanese-Americans. Why they got strange treatment? Because in time, the us need deny to Japanese government. When Japanese attacked the Pearl Harbor, Japanese-Americans were afraid to discrimination by the Americans. Another similar example was Haruko Niwa’s of manazanar. She also afraid to Americans because same reason. However, she decided to stay in the US and not return to Japan because of her children. Most of people believe and trust to the newspaper. However, newspaper is not always right. Sometimes it made racism. For example, “Ban on freak suits studied by councilmen”. It shows stereotyping such as baggy pants and councilmen had serious contemplation. People who wore Zoot suits may be looks strange. Also media different culture made one type characterized from one incident. These problems lead to serious accidents like “Mother tears up Zoot suit of boy wounded” one 15 years old boy shot in the right leg during the riots near the Azusa. And a mother watched to her son