World War Ii and United States Essay

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Section 1
1. Totalitarianism: theory of government in which a single party or leader controls the economic, social and cultural lives of its people.
2. Joseph Stalin was the Russian Dictator and a very good friend of Hitler.
3. Benito Mussolini was the Italian Dictator and fascism was a type of party, a right wing organization that trumped nationalism and promised to make Italy great again.
4. Adolph Hitler was the German Dictator and the main reason the World War 2 took place. The rise of nazilism was when the worldwide depression hit the Weimar
Republic hard. They bitterly opposed socialism, communism or any other ism that promoted class interests or workers right above German ethnic solidarity. Hitler let this and he was the person who treated on the brink of madness.
5. Antisemitism: prejudice and discrimination against Jewish people.
6. Constitutional Monarchy was gaining power in Japan.
7. Due to other countries avoiding war Germany, Japan used their military power and their aggression to frighten other countries and tell them to give them supplies and what they want.
Section 2
1. Roosevelt’s view towards getting involved in Europe was that japan lamented the reign of terror and international lawlessness.
2. Hitler directed the germans a sudden flight attack. Attack was led by German
3. Blitzkrieg was a lightning war.
4. Axis power eventually included Germany, Italy, Japan and several other nations.
5. Allies included Britain, France, Soviet Union, United States and China.
6. Winston Churchill was the new prime minister of Britain. He cautioned parliament .
7. Battle Of Britain was fought in the air.
8. America Favored Isolation because the rise of fascism in europe made the sacrifice of
WW1 even more pointless.
9. Neutrality Act of 1939 which included a cash and carry provision. This provision allowed belligerent nations to buy goods and arms in United States.
10. Tripartite Pact was when Japan, Italy, and Germany signed to be allies.
11. The purpose of Lend and Lease Act was that United States will give France and Britain supplies for war but will still stay neutral.
12. Atlantic Charter was a document that endorsed national self determination and an international system of “ general security”