World War Ii and United States Government Essay

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Wartime propaganda during the Second World War was escalated to perhaps the greatest heights in history. As the Allies and the Axis both prepared for war, it was necessary for both sides to motivate their population and increase production.
America, just coming out of the depression, stuck to its isolationist policy. Most citizens, especially those who remembered World War I, thought that getting involved in a costly and expensive war was not a good decision for America. The majority of people thought that the war beginning in Europe and Asia was far removed from them and their lives in America. Most believed that America's resources should be spent rebuilding the country in the aftermath of the depression, and not fighting a war overseas about causes that didn't concern them. The United States government recognized that sooner or later America would become involved, if not in Europe than in eastern Asia and the surrounding islands.

The government began a propaganda campaign to convince the American public that the war was necessary and to start up increased production. Efforts were made to convince the public that of the immediate danger presented to America by the Axis powers. However, after the attack on Pearl Harbor, such encouragement was no longer necessary since the public now clearly perceived the enemy threat. After Pearl Harbor, propaganda turned to increasing production as well as conserving materials for the wartime effort. Americans were urged to help conserve materials such as gasoline and to help aid in increasing production power. Without the vital stimulus of wartime propaganda, America may not have won the war.
In Germany, it was necessary for the Nazis to adapt their propaganda to meet several agendas. The Nazi government had only recently taken power and there was still tension between the Nazis and socialists. Propaganda was important to unifying the German public and preparing for actual battle. Primarily, it was important to convince the German people of need for war by inflaming anger at other countries over restrictions put on Germany, as well as through an increase in