World War Ii and Veterans Essay

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Jayme Bussing
Mrs. Eikmeier
English IV
3 October 2014
Why Veterans are Important to Our Nation’s History and Future By definition, future is the time or a period of time following the moment of speaking or writing; time regarded as still to come, shapeable and dependent on the actions of the persons in question. In contrast, history is the study of the past and human affairs, something that shapes our future. Every single person has a different future, and a different history to go with it, some intertwined with one another. The best, and largest example of such intertwined fate is the sacrifice and efforts of veterans. Veterans are important to our nation because without them, we wouldn’t have a history worth looking back upon or to learn from, and they have visibly worked hard to protect and provide a brighter future for the generations to come.
Throughout the years of history of not only our nation but others around the world as well, veterans have played an important role since the very first war of remembrance, helping us learn from our mistakes so that we can make better choices. With every war, there is a new wave of veterans to go with it, and more pearls of wisdom from experience to pass down. As Americans, this started with the Revolutionary War when we fought for our freedom as a country. However, this wasn’t the first war the American colonists had faced, having gained veterans from the King Philip’s War in 1675 and five other wars leading up to the Revolution. George Washington had been a veteran of the French and Indian War himself before the Revolution, providing his own experience in war to aid the cause.
Like George Washington, during war, most veterans fight for the same basic principle: to fight for our country and ensure a better, brighter future for the next generations. Millions of veterans around the world have fought for their country, trusting each other and joining forces in order to protect their nation so that the future generations make have a better life. You can use any war as an example: World War I, World War II, Vietnam, and most…