World War Ii vs. Relatable Book Essay

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During World War II, there were a lot of significant events like death, loss of faith, poor economy, and invasion of everyone’s personal space due to Nazism. Nazism is the ideology and practice of the Nazis, especially the policy of racist nationalism, national expansion, and state control of the economy (Thesaurus, 2011). The time era that Nazism occurred was mostly during World War II and a little before it as well in Germany from 1934-1945. The effects and aftermath of Nazism can be seen in the novel Number the Stars, by Lois Lowry and a few other similar texts. Because of Nazism, people were being accused and brought to Internment Camps where they would eventually face death and have a major impact to the future.

First, Nazism originated from Nazis or Hitler who had believed that it was the Jews fault that the lost the first World War so he wanted to punish them all for what they had done. He also believed in always having total control of everything and everyone which is where Nazism comes in. In Number the Stars, The Johansen’s were always under suspicion of the Nazi soldiers from having too many people over or to having a brown hair child in their home. Soldiers were constantly stopping over to see what was going on and to push the buttons of their innocent family because of this issue. The story itself was kind of in Annemarie’s perspective (she was the daughter of the Johansen’s) and I thought the quote “[Annemarie] hesitated and glanced at her mother, fearful that she had said the wrong thing, the thing that would bring the pained look to her mother's face” (Lois, 1989 pg. 34) was very accurate and full of proof at how awful the war had gotten.

During the war, Hitler began attacking. His strategies were simple: he picked out all the Jews like a fine tooth comb and separated them from the rest of the population with the huge help of his Nazi soldiers. A week after the Enabling Act made Hitler dictator of Germany, a national boycott of