World War Ii and Movie Essay

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Introduction to Film
English 225
Professor Stave
September 29, 2008

Casablanca The movie, Casablanca, based on the play "Everybody Wants to go to Rick's,” still captivates audiences around the world. This movie was a pleasurable afternoon of great movie watching. The setting of the movie is Casablanca, Morocco during the Second World War. Casablanca is the jump off point to get to Spain and then to America. I think that all four factors of a setting have an affect on this story. The temporal factor, along with the geographic factor, really set the stage for the opening of the film (Boggs & Petrie, 2008, p. 101). In the middle of all this is Rick's cafe. The clientele in the café definitely
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It was brave to use mention to this since many feared the thought. All of these could be summed up as a microcosm of the world, during 1942. The universality of the theme in Casablanca, I believe, is the idea of true love. The love between Rick and Ilsa, endured, despite the struggles brought on by the war. Other themes could be responsibility, courage, duty, and the most important, doing the right thing (Boggs & Petrie, 2008, p. 35) It is no wonder that Casablanca is rated as a classical movie. It has all it takes to stand up to any movie of its time or even now. It may not have all the special effects that we are able to produce today thanks to the involvement in technology, but it has a story line and cast that are utterly incomparable to any movie since or before it's time. I am not sure the movie had some deep meaning for me; the story did make me want to be at Rick’s place and take part in the greatest movie of all time.

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