Essay on World War Ii the American Experience

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World War II: The American Experience

World War II: The American Experience
It is no known secret that America attempted to reframe from becoming a part of what was projected as being a major war which started with the European culture. Historians believe that the second war was a contribution of the Great Depression which caused for America to seize from their investments in Europe. This caused for a struggle of power in Europe which provide an opportunity for Hitler and Stalin to obtain control over Europe. However receiving control over Britain would become a challenge. The prime minister at that time knew in order to survive he would need an alliance; the United States. With Germany, Italy, and Japan seizing majority
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There were by heavy machine gun fire, pill boxes, and other major concrete fortifications that the German army had set up. Juno beach was the second heaviest outpost guarded by the Germans. The Canadian Army was the only unit to reach all of their objectives on D-Day.

Gold beach was invaded by the 50th (Northumbrian) infantry division; they were also met with stiff German resistance due to the Germans fortifying a village along the beach front. However, the 50th infantry divisions were able to overcome Germans and were able to proceed to outskirts of Bayeux by the end of the first day. The 50th infantry division then linked with Allied commando units who were securing the Port-en-Bessin. This gave the Allies a base that they could deploy the PLUTO pipeline.
Omaha beach was invaded by the American allies; they met fierce resistance from the German 352nd Infantry Division who were Germany’s best trained force for defending the beaches and coastal areas. Omaha beach was so well fortified by the Germans that the Americans missed most of their landing objectives. However, after battling the Germans for three days the American allies were able to penetrate the Germans fortifications and move forward.
Utah beach was invaded by the 4th infantry division; they were met with very little German resistance and were able to move further inland by the late afternoon where they linked up the 101st airborne division.
After the beaches were secured allied