The Causes Of World War I

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World war one portfolio (1912-1918)

The causes of world one:
1. A) Nationalism: is being loyal and proud of your country. Sometimes also believes country is better.
B) Alliance system: a group of people/or nations working together towards a goal.
C) Militarism: a county’s ability to have a strong army and the ability to be ready to defeat the enemy.
D) Imperialism: the policy about the power of a country and the ability to control the army. 2. The arm race developed in Europe at the beginning of the 20th century because the British navy and the German army had the most power. Later on the German army had most power. Even with the amount of power Kaiser Wilhelm has realized that his country’s power would only remain in Europe and he wanted to extend Germany’s power by making colonies. 3. The purpose of the alliance prior to WWI was because the European countries were fighting over power and there were a lot of problems going on and so they thought alliance would be the best solution.

4. Back then British had the most powerful army and the navy had the most powerful/ up-to-date battle ships. Germany thought they should be at the top of the list and due to that Germany and baritone got into a competition.

5. Germany desired to acquire colonies because Kaiser Wilhelm realized that his country would only remain in the European forces so he wanted to expand Germany’s strength by creating the colonies.

6. Dreadnought was important when it first came out because it was the change of technology when it first came out back then. It also held more equipment than any other battleship.

The immediate of the First World War:

1. A) Black Hand: was a Serbian group that did terrorist stuff. And was also the cause of the royal couple’s death. They’re also known as “union or death”.
B) Archduke Francis Ferdinand: was a different person in loyalty. On his way to Sarajevo his wife was killed.

C) Sarajevo: capital city of Bosnia. Also part of the Austria-Hungary Empire,

D) Gavrilo Principe: was a member of the Black Hand and was assumed is the one who killed the royal couple. 2. The people of Bosnia-Herzegovina demanded for the Black Hand to be arrested and to get a public apology. They also disliked the Austro-Hungarians Empire because they were mostly formed from Serbians.

3. After the murder that happened, war has broke out and after Serbia got in trouble cause of Austria-Hungarians. They order for their troops to be send to their home country because they didn’t want their enemy’s soldiers to be out of the country. Austria-Hungary didn’t follow their demands so they got supported by Russia and because of the alliance system there was a problem with that. \

4. They were always partners and they helped each other when they were in need and so when Serbia needed help Russia did their best to support them.

Canada at war

1. They prepared but partnering with Britain and they promised to send troops.
2. the government were scared from immigrants that came from the enemy countries, even though Canada had the Canadian citizens Canada wanted to have more people. They accepted German and Ukrainian immigrants that were confirmed but there was also immigrants that were not confirmed but were reported to the government every now and then. Later on they promised to respect all immigrants and even through all that newspapers would always disrespect them.
3. French Canadians didn’t think they had to help out in the war since they dislike France and so they also thought it wouldn’t affect them. Also since the generals were mostly Britain.
4. Sending In a bunch of soldiers to the military. French- Canadians didn’t like that because they didn’t feel like they had to even joining the army because they didn’t think they would be effected.
5. Woman took over many roles that men left behind. They worked for cheep pays around $30 per hour. They worked such as truck