World War I and Nation State Germany Essay

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Socials Studies Causes of ww1 script g: there are many theories to what the biggest cause of world war 1 was. Was it militarism, nationalism, alliances, could it have been historical grievances?, no it was imperialism.
Davin: The rise of the napoleon empire creates imperial unbalance in Europe, with the French dominating. Once napoleons empire falls, Bismarck leads Prussia and begins to gain imperialistic power in Europe. The main powers wanted to control the bosphorous and the dardanelles. France didn’t want to lose power in Europe so they declare war on Prussia. The franco-prussian war initiates and Prussia`s victory leads to the the French losing Alsace and Lorrain. In 1871 the german states unite and create the nation state Germany. Germany wants more power so after the franco-prussian war, nationalism occurs.

d: Increased nationalism and imperial lust creates a growth in military and an arms race in Europe. Countries such as Germany and Austria-Hungary want to increase their power as a result alliances are formed. Germany allies with Austria-Hungar, and Italy becomes a part of this alliance creating the triple alliance. Russia and France create an alliance to gain protection from Germany and Austria-Hungary. Because of high interest in Balkan states many alliances were formed.

a: France allies with Russia because of historical grievances (the loss of Alcase and Lorrain). Historical grievances are considered a large reason for why france signed a treaty with Russia, which lead to the german decloration of war on france as well as much of western Europe. Because Germany goes through