Essay on World War I: From War to Peace

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A Social Studies Unit by Jami Hodges

On June 28, 1914, Archduke Francis Ferdinand (heir to the AustrianHungarian throne) was assassinated during a visit to Sarajevo. At the time of the assassination, Bosnia was the focal point of a dispute between
Austria-Hungary and Serbia. The Austrian-Hungarian government was convinced that Serbia was behind the assassination and used the event as an excuse to crush its enemy. Upon declaration of war a chain reaction began leading most of Europe to war. Most Americans were reluctant to get involved, but powerful forces including German submarines and
American commercial interests- pulled the nation into battle. By 1917 U.S. soldiers had joined Europeans in the trenches of war. When the guns

finally quieted, President Wilson launched a campaign for a peace treaty and a new organization that would prevent such a tragedy from ever happening again.

Day One: Causes of the Great War
Day Two: Neutrality
Day Three: U.S. declares War
Day Four: Weapons of War
Day Five: Major Battles of WWI
Day Six and Seven: All is Quiet on the Western Front
Day Eight: Picture Journals
Day Nine: Analyzing Primary Sources
Day Ten: Global Peacemaker
World War I Study Guide
World War I Test A World War I Test B

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Hello teachers! Just wanted to wish you well with this unit on World War I. It has been extremely popular with my students and I hope it is for yours as well. I just wanted to quickly let you know how my class works.
Writing Prompts:
At the start of each lesson you will usually see WP followed by a question or instruction. My students are required to keep a learning log where they record their answers to the writing prompts. They need to re-write the question and then answer in using at least 4-5 sentences. I give them about 3-5 minutes at the first of class and then we spend about the same amount of time discussing their answers.
Periodically you will see a question listed as a freewrite. I use these as an informal method of seeing what my students know or how they feel. They are not graded for correct grammar and punctuation. I give students about five minutes to answer the question by writing down everything that comes to mind about the topic being addressed.
I am lucky enough to have computer and internet access readily available. Therefore, a lot of my lessons use the internet. You will need to adapt them for your situation. World War I
Study Guide
Name: _______________________________
1. List and DESCRIBE the four causes of WWI.

2. Even though America declared neutrality when the war broke out, many
Americans felt personally involved. Why? (Hint: make up of population).

3. List and describe the two movements that emerged in the United States?

4. List and describe the five reasons the United States decided to enter the war.

5. Describe Trench Warfare.

6. At the start of the war what were the three main components of armies

7. List the four main battles of the war and describe what happened at each one. Define or describe the following terms:

World War I
Test A
Name: ___________________________________
Fill in the blank
1. ______________________________ proposed a peace program called the
2. The _________________________ movement wanted to set up education programs and training camps “just in case” U.S were to get involved in the war.
3. America felt the use of ______________________ (submarines) by Germany was unjust and unfair.
4. Wilson wanted ____________________________________ for Austria-Hungary so that they would be able to decided their own future.
5. Article 10 was a provision that stated “