World Wide Web and Cyber Bullies Essay

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Cyber Bullying - Not Cool.

Some people think
That words on a screen
Don’t mean as much;
So they have the right to be mean.

Those people don’t know

How much it hurts
To be receiving
Those hateful words.

They don’t understand
The power they hold
With each letter they type,
With each word they make bold.

They don’t think a bit
About what might come
When that message receiver
Decides to succumb.

They don’t ever foresee
The dreaded result
Of a person attacked
By an online cult.

The World Wide Web
Was not created
For the ignorant to attack
And the innocent hated.

With every “Like” button pressed
And comment sent,
You give people a taste
Of who you represent.

So next time you’re online
And want to act like a fool,
Just keep in mind
That cyber bullying’s not cool.

Alive as much as I could be.
Enchanted by the world, so it seemed.
Heinous words being typed by insecure people who think what they say is right.
Anonymous behind that computer screen
But anonymity can't conceal self esteem
Alive as much as I can be,
But only because I turned off the computer screen

The Cyber Bullies the cyber bullies like to hide you want to know reasons why

cause in real the games they play the hurt they make they cant get away

cyber bullies in real are small in cyber they are very tall

they hide behind a computer screen creating havoc is their dream

in real life