World Wide Web and Distance Learning Essay

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E-Learning & Distance Learning, Chapter 5

Joe Black

May 10, 2010
Gary Moser

E-Learning & Distance Learning E-Learning and Distance learning are not the same thing. E-learning refers to learning

supported by the Web. It can also take place in a class setting where the student accesses the web

during class. E-learning is a virtual class room where student do not meet face to face but

everything is done on the World Wide Web (Rainer, Cegielski, 2011).Also E-learning is part of

Distance learning. Distance learning refers to where students and faculty never meet in person but

in a virtual setting. The Web provides access to knowledge to anyone when he or she needs it at

anytime and anywhere. This is why E-learning and Distance Learning are used in formal education

and for corporate training modules.

Benefits and Drawbacks

There are benefits and drawbacks in E-Learning. The benefit of E-Learning is that

students may learn at any place, at any time, and at their own pace. In the corporate environment,

training centers are more productive and employees can learn at a faster pace and save the

company money . Despite the benefit there are also setbacks. For students they have to be

computer literate (Rainer, Cegielski, 2011). Also he or she will not get to meet and discuss with

their instructors face to face. It is also a problem for the instructor because he or she does not

know who completed the assignment in that case there could be plagiarized material submitted.

E-learning will never replace the classroom setting