World Wide Web and Web Site Essay

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Accessibility should be considered as part of every web site to increase availability to the broadest possible audience. A few basic principles of designing a web site can transform into an inviting space for different user needs, devices, and situations. The World Wide Web is a valuable resource and it has opened up a lot of new possibilities. The website our group focused on is Tennessee State University. This site is one that I’ve been familiar with over the years. Although the site has gotten better over the years, it could use a few improvements. Tennessee State’s web site can be found under The access of information and entertainment is found on the site’s page through traditional forms of media. The heading is given with the typical TSU logo of the bell tower. Access to certain things on the site can be kind of confusing. The site gives random pictures with the highlights of what’s going on with campus life and the students and faculty on the campus. For instance, if you’re looking for employment at TSU, you have to go through several steps before locating what you’re looking for. This happens with almost anything that you look for on this particular site. There is also nothing that would help anyone with a handicap impairment to navigate through the page. The World Wide Web is especially significant for those with disabilities and can be manipulated to meet different requirements. As you can see, many of the above methods are very easy to implement and only require a basic knowledge of HTML. Making this website more accessible needs not be time consuming. It would require a little modification or be detrimental to the appeal of a website. Links and text are part of what makes a Web site truly accessible. They could make the heading look different visually by enlarging or bolding text. The alt text also needs to be meaningful and descriptive. The school's site changes the navigation path from one page to another, it needs to be challenged on both, accessibility and usability. Increasingly, school sites are adding video to their…