Worm Paper

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Worm Paper
Planarians and earthworms are quite different, but similar in many ways. Firstly, they share similar body systems. Both have female and male reproductive systems, which is because they’re hermaphrodites. This is an advantage for the worms, because their offspring will be diverse, and can better cope with environmental conditions. Also, these worms are invertebrates, meaning they possess no vertebral column/backbone. Furthermore, planarians, as well as earthworms are scavengers, a type of decomposer. Planarians eat dead or decaying material, and earthworms eat soil, rotting leaves, and other organic material. Additionally, without our lovely decomposer friends, our world will become a huge dump, which again is an advantage. Lastly, if you haven’t noticed, the long cylindrical and no legged animals are part of the enormous worm family! Planarians are worms, and so are earthworms. Given these points, planarians and earthworms are somewhat alike in three ways. They both have similar body systems, are decomposers, and part of the same family. Planarians and earthworms are different species, therefore, they have many differences.
To start with, the worms live in different locations. Planarians live in ponds, streams, and oceans, while earthworms live in moist soil. This might surprise you, but where they live is an advantage and disadvantage. It’s an advantage because the worms can get what they need to survive, like food and oxygen. But, it is also a disadvantage because since their hydrostatic skeletons depend on hydration, where they live might not have the