Worry and Explain Jem Essay

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Chapter 7
1. How much time has now elapsed since the beginning of the story? (p. 57) the summer holidays are over and scout is in the 2nd grade.
2. What worries Jem more than finding his pants mended? (58) what worried was that Jem was that someone knew he was going to come back. Also the pants were sewn like how jem would and not like lady.
3. Give reasons why you agree or disagree with Scout's response about this. (58) I agree with the response because he was overreacted about how is pants were sewn together and let on the fence. It was very obvious he would go back for his pants.
4. What is Scout's real reason for telling Jem not to take the twine? (58)

The reason why Scout didn’t want Jem to take the twine was because that hiding place belonged to Boo Radley.
5. List the other treasures in order. (59-60)
1. Sticks of gum
2. Indian Coins
3. Twine
4. A soap with 2 images carved in it
5. Pack of chewing gum
6. Tarnished Metal (Spelling)
7. Pocket Watch on a chain with an Aluminum knife

6. Explain Jem's tears. (63) tears were because Mr. Nathan Radley who covered the knot in the tree where the hiding place was. Scout and Jem were getting gifts from the hiding place So she then asks Boo’s brother why he had filled it. The brother of Boo said that that the tree was going to dying. Jem finds out the actual reason from Atticus that the tree was fine and was lied to by Nathan Radley.

Chapter 8
1. Who dies near the beginning of this chapter and what is the response of the neighbourhood? (63)
Mrs. Radley died and the neighbourhood was didn’t care a lot about here death because she wasn’t a social person and thus wasn’t known by a lot of people.
2. What reason does Mr. Avery give for the change in weather? Why would he say this? (65)
Mr. Avery says that the weather changed relative to the actions by kids. He says this