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Many people believe that short term pleasure is good for you. They say it makes them enjoy life more and live happily in the present moment.
However, short term pain equals long term gain, and long term pain will lead people in desperation. If one person gets desperate. Others around him will be affected also.

In the beginning ,politics have great examples of how people made the careless thinking mistakes. The fall of berlin wall first build as a border. But later got demolished, so it wasted a lot of energy and money. The biggest fire in California state in 2003 caused thousands of houses and land to be burned because just a single recreation of hunting. Lastly, the chinese government official Li Hong Zhang stole the governments money to use as their own goods.

Additionally, in economics, the Great Depression led thousands of people to be homeless and unemployed. In the future world cup 2018 which will be held in Russia, will be estimated a great lose of money and vast drop of economy. In our history. The London olympics 2012 led ten thousands and thirteen thousands of police officers and troops applied which cost 11 billion to held the event, children were lived in poverty and adults were fired due to the rebuild of infrastructure.

Finally, the events which affected most of the short term pleasure were all used in our daily events. Some examples such as the majority of people not going after their dreams, this led many opportunities to be hidden, yet many