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`Eli Shoffner

United States Worst/Best

There are roughly 190 countries in the world today.
These countries vary in size, population, and forms of government. All share same characteristics such as territory, population, and sovereignty. The forms of government are as diverse as the countries themselves, they vary from very restrictive to less restrictive form of government. United States of America is without a doubt one of the worst countries in the world today because there was a recent government shutdown, states are not distributing or handling their money properly, and the way the government taxes is unfair. The government shutdown was uncalled for, and it hurt many people. For example, the government shutdown was not necessary because we knew that the government would re-open again soon, but did you know that during the shutdown that over 1,000 people in
Connecticut got laid off from their jobs! That was really hurtful to people, and the government had lost control at that time. I think that instead of shutting down the government, they should have called a

meeting to discuss the economic problems.
The reason that I say that the states are not distributing or handling their money properly is because recently, in the middle of the year, Bill Gates gave the state of Connecticut about 5 million dollars, and the government wasted it on computers/laptops for schools. I think that they should have distributed it among other things like school supplies or bettering the environment in another way because the students really don’t care because when the students are done with the laptops they leave it all over the place and they don’t plug it in the charger like they’re supposed to. I don’t think it’s the worst thing to do but I think they should have thought about it more.
When I say that the way