Worth the Risk Essay

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Throughout the years teenagers learn lessons throughout life, but teenagers have to be willing to take the risk of falling in love, finding a soulmate, just have to take the chances certain individuals are given to find that one true love. “Love is a funny thing it’s an intensely personal, yet universal thing, it has a thousand definitions and not one of them gets it exactly right. It’s a feeling, It’s an experience. It’s inside of us and yet elusive. We desire it yet fear it. It’s the central experience of our lives and yet it still remains a mystery” ( “Love Quotes” Par 19). Love has many meanings to different individuals, but growing up most individuals go through heartbreaks and loss. Its just about worth taking the risk of opening up again and letting the walls come down to find another single individual to be that “soul mate”. Naturally individuals that are devoted to finding someone one day, have to go through life with heartbreaks and loss. As teenagers in high school, some devoted lovers have our first love and go through painful breakups. Individuals that have been hurt or heartbroken usually learn from the cheating, lies, and the mistakes that are made. The mistakes individuals make either make them stronger or does not affect them at all. Someone who has been through a heartbreak, usually builds up walls to protect them from getting hurt again. A heartbroken individual starts to change not always for the best, but to help them. The thing is as a heartbroken teen looking to find love one day in the future, learn from the mistakes made and become lessons. An example for someone to learn a lesson would be when best friends become more than “just” friends. One falls hard for the other, and the guy has a hard time making up his mind. He chooses that actually you're not what he wants to date or be with. From that the girl that fell in love with her best friend; loses her best friend, but realizes just because shes not good enough for him, doesn't mean another single individual out there won’t think shes not good enough for them. Even though she has to be willing to take another chance on them. Individuals that take chances on love are going to go through people and think they are the love of their life, soul mate, or one and only. The ones that get hurt and choose not to learn will mostly likely keep making the same mistakes. Though someone who does learn from their mistakes, and don’t lock their heart away end up happy with another single individual, usually. For example there are different online dating services,