WOunds on the body Essay

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Table of Contents
1. Cover Page
2. Table of Contents
3. Bleeding and Wounds
4. Burns (1st, 2nd, and 3rd degree)
5. Musculoskeletal Injuries
6. Environmental Emergencies
7. First Aid

Internal Bleeding: If an accident has happened in which internal bleeding might be happening, it is important to contact a doctor as fast as you can. While you are waiting for an ambulance to come, keep the person who is hurt quiet and warm. Make sure that he is lying flat. It is very important that you do not give him anything to drink at all, not even water. When moving the person to the ambulance make sure you do so while keeping him lying flat.
External Bleeding: In a case with external bleeding, place pressure over the wound using some sort of medical bandage or cloth. Make sure it is sterile so the cut doesn’t get infected. Secure the bandage or cloth firmly over the cut to stop it bleeding, or if you have to, keep holding it there with pressure. If ever possible, elevate the wound. If no sterile bandages are there, use a thick pad of the cleanest cloth you have, if it is a serious injury, and you do not have anything on you, apply pressure using your bare hands if no better methods are at your disposal.

• Identification of a type of a burn- 1st degree: the skin is reddened. 2nd degree: skin is blistered. 3rd: skin cooked or charred, it may be burned into the underlying tissue. • Treatments
– 1st and 2nd degree burn that is small 1) wash the burned portion in cold water 2) Wash burned portion in soapy water’ 3) Place a sterile bandage or cloth over burned area 4) Bandage burned are tightly
– Large burns of all degrees
• If a doctor or hospital is available in a 30 minute range, see if the person is in shock, and get the person to advanced medical treatment, and don’t treat him yourself.
• If no hospital or doctor is there nearby, remove clothing from burned area, cut around cloth that is sticking to the burned area. Apply antiseptic cream to burned area. Cover burned area with a sterile dressing, and bandage firmly, not too tight though. If victim is conscious allow him to drink water.
• Remember not to touch the burned area with fingers, breath on the burn, break or drain any blisters.

Musculoskeletal Injuries
• Sprains
– Protect the injured limb from further injury; this can be done by using a crutch
– Rest the injured area by not participating in strenuous activities
– Ice the area
– Compress the area with a bandage
– Elevate the injured area above the heart when possible to reduce swelling
– Seek emergency help if you experience fever or any difficulties.
• Strains
– Rest the injured area
– Ice the injury
– Compress the injured area
– Elevate the injured area
– Call for adult help
• Breaks
– Call for emergency/adult help
– Stop any bleeding by applying