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Watching people dancing at pow-wow during class, it seemed very boring. Since I like watching breakdances, I thought people competing at pow-wows seemed less fancy and less professional compared to those breakdancers. Although I had this conception at first, I found out all the dancers at pow-wows were also fancy and professional in their own way. I realized that I could not judge whether it was cool or not since the style and the way of expression were different. I could see how passionate they were in dancing how they love their style of dancing. I was surprised when I arrived at American Indian Center because I faced with an unfamiliar environment. As an international student, just being in the United States is new to me, but seeing all those fancy clothes and lots of people who are different from people I see in the University made me even more confused. Though the place was very noisy, it full of energy. I saw dancers wearing fancy clothes that were similar to the ones I watched in the video during the class. I thought the steps and dancing movements would be not that hard, but when I saw it with my own eyes, I realized that it would need a lot of practice. It seemed every movement and steps were made on a rhythm. Fancy clothes, drum sounds, and dancers were all unfamiliar things to me that I was full of amusement. It was a new experience to me and I didn't know such event and things exists until I actually went to pow-wow. I would have never known about such thing if…