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WR Exercise G3-1 (p 207)

Directions: Edit the following sentences to eliminate problems with pronoun-antecedent agreement. Most of the sentences can be revised in more than one way, so experiment before choosing a solution. If a sentence is correct, write “correct” next to it.
*Instructor’s note: look for the pronoun and then determine if the pronoun “agrees” with the antecedent (noun) it is replacing.

a. Every presidential candidate must appeal to a wide variety of ethnic and social groups if they want to win the election.

b. David lent his motorcycle to someone who allowed their friend to use it.

c. The aerobics teacher motioned for everyone to move their arms in wide, slow circles.

d. The parade committee was unanimous in its decision to allow all groups and organizations to join the festivities.

e. The applicant should be bilingual if they want to qualify for this position.

1. If a driver refuses to take a blood or breath test, he or she will have their licenses suspended for six months.

2. Why should anyone learn a second language? One reason is to sharpen their minds.

3. The Department of Education issued new guidelines for school security. They were trying to anticipate problems and avert disaster.

4. Seven qualified Hispanic agents applied, each hoping for a career move that would let them use their language and cultural training on more than just translations.

5. If anyone notices any suspicious activity, they should report it to the police.


WR Exercise G3-2 (p 207-8)

Directions: Edit the following paragraph to