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Everyone watches the news, and it drags us in and heightens our senses of what is going on in the world around us, but the news doesn’t truly hold all the facts and keep them straight. Yes everything shown on the news is happening in our world around us, but media doesn’t always feel truthful or honest and it feels almost as if they glorify it and make it feel like it’s no big deal. Libby Copeland is a writer for the Oregonian newspaper opinion section in Portland, OR and has choose to touch on a subject that almost everyone does every day, and this subject at hand is watching the news. Almost every American in the United States watches the news and listens to what the news anchors have to say. She feel our nation shouldn’t always believe everything the news says and they shouldn’t always listen to their every word just because news anchors are on TV.
In the article “The Killer snapped? That’s No Explanation for Domestic Violence: Washington Post Opinion” By Libby Copeland on July 21, 2014. Copeland writes this article to give insight on how domestic violence and murder are somewhat being glorified by the media. Copeland makes great points in her article and feels very strongly that the media is making murder and domestic violence out to be ok in the world. In my evaluation over her opinion post, I agree with what she is saying and feel that people should seek help when in turbulent situations before murder or violence become the issue at hand. Copeland feels that the media likes to glorify things when they happen. More or less, they find ways to engage our attention. For instance, the Ronald Lee Haskell case.
Copeland takes us inside the case of Ronald Lee Haskell and show us how the news is portraying the information to its viewers. She points out that Haskell was accused of killing six members of his ex-wife's family in Texas in July 2014. In Copeland’s article, she states that a piece in the Los Angeles Times observed that "Authorities said they believed the shooting rampage was tied to Haskell's disintegrating family situation," but Copeland feels Los Angeles Times got there information backwards, since Haskell appears to have caused that disintegration. He'd been arrested for assaulting his wife, was deemed a threat to his kids by a judge, and his own mother alleged that he tied her up and choked her. After reading Copeland’s article, it brings up some very good questions and really makes one think twice about what the news media is really saying. The media isn’t telling us the truth! They are promoting murders and giving the killers more media time then the deceased! We should be mourning the death of innocent people and the news should be helping by promoting mental health help.
In doing a google search on Haskell it is evident that Copeland has done her research to help pull together information on not only the Haskell case but others as well. In her research it seems that Copeland has found 2 more case and bring us slightly into the world of them and how media has put them into the wrong context also. In the first of the two case…