Wraiths: A Short Story

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Elizabeth took Carissa’s hand and led her back to the couch.
Carissa took a seat, her eyes never leaving Elizabeth as the other woman sat downand got comfortable. The woman actually smoothed out the helms of her lace black skirt as she brushed to it the side so that the edges all became tucked away behind her right ankle. She looked so eloquent that she was able to distract Carissa for a moment.
Staring solemnly down at Carissa, Elizabeth folded her arms and began.
“My last name, Blackrose, is a very popular connection to this town because my family was the one that founded it. We came across the seas very long ago in a time when America was still a new, forbidden world, just waiting to be understood. I came here, me, my father, my mother,
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They dig within themselves and give a piece of their spirit to the person they are attempting to bringing back. The process is very tricky and is never recommended, ever. One of the major reason is that the person has to be completely dead, spiritually, or the extra souls may corrupt them, like Marcus does with so many of his followers. Marcus worshiped devils and demons, he took a part of their souls into him and he spreads them into his followers, blackening them. If the soul is properly led back to the body and then another soul is shared, that still does not mean that the individual may live. There is a process, where the souls begin to mingle together as one, that process can take days, or it can be as quick a few hours, but even then, they may reject one another... Once the souls mingle, if they do, they begin to spread again through the body, that is the Wraith process taking over. After all of that, the body fully dies, then the Wraith completes everything on their trip to the Underworld and back, cheating death. That was what Marcus had discovered, how to cheat, how to lead others around and turn them into unearthly monsters without taking them down to the Underworld where they could become more powerful then him. The Underworld, Carissa, is a place where everything stops. Before a Wraith makes their descent into the Underworld they can still be killed and have the choice to grow more. To change. Once you complete the Journey that option is