Wrapping Up The World Wide Web

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Wrapping up the world wide web

the world wide web consists of a worldwide collection of electronic documents that use the HTTP standard.

Resources on the web are organised so that users can easily move from one resource to another. the connections to other computers are made automatically without being seen by the user.

a web site is a group of electronic documents that present information on a particular topic.

each document is called a web page. a web page can contain:

text - images -sounds -video clips -links to other pages.

web pages are stored on powerful computers called servers or web servers. each server may store thousands of web pages from different web sites.

to view a particular web page, your computer asks the server for a particular page to be sent.

when wanting to view a website your ISP receives the request and begins to search for the site. by way of
ARP: address routing protocol

the link between the ISP and the web server is done though a telco, such as Telstra

the web server that has the web site is found and the data is sent to the ISP which in turn sends to your computer which gives you access to view the web site.

the web is an information medium that covers a vast range of topics on all aspects of society. it is used to access research , businesses, entertainment, software and personal interests.

there are many types of websites:

commercial - exist to sell their goods or services. information - present