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Over the years I’ve noticed that whenever I’m about to start writing anything, the palms of my hands decide to produce sweat. I don’t know about you, but sweating is disgusting. I’ve been trying to solve this problem by putting other paper under my hand so that the sweat only land on those paper not on my work, I’ve tried putting a piece of cloth on top so that only the cloth absorbs the sweat. At last, one day I was wearing my sweater and I put my hand up till only my fingers showed. I realized, that I can make these type of gloves, I can call them Wristies, because it can be worn as both a glove revealing your fingers, but also as a mitten. While, trying to figure out how to solve this problem, I kept asking myself, what can I make in order to stop ruining my papers for school? And what type of fabric should I use to make the Wristies? This website states that, spandex or any type of stretchy material could be used to make gloves which can also be used to make Wristies. This website may not be credible because anybody can make up things and post what they did on their. By looking at this website, you’re not totally sure if its alright to use spandex or any type of stretchy material. This is why this isn’t a very good source to find out what type of fabric to use for gloves. This website recommends using old fabric from recycled tshirts because it costs nothing just your time. This website can be credible because this website is one those crafting websites. This website not only states how to make gloves and what types of material/ fabric is needed but also shows other types of crafts of things you can do. This is why this website is credible and usable. .
According to this website, this tailor used leather, but prefers anyone to use whatever is comfortable to them. This website can be credible because just like the one before this website, this one not only shows the walkthrough of making gloves but also shows other techniques of other things. This website is like a blog with a list of thinks on how to make them. On the one to make gloves, they recommend us to use knit fabric e.g. wool jersey or 2-way. This website may not be credible as the other ones because it has no specific author and seems more like a blog with different type of things one person does. But on the other hand it can be reliable for the pictures shown on how to make a glove but most of all what type of cloth looks and is best on making the gloves/Wristies.
Though this website compared buying ski gloves vs. mitten. I think this website is credible because this shows me what type of fabric should be used and how it should look like. I think this website is credible because not only does it state what type of material I should use, but also it also ansers some of my minor questions as what I should I take into consideration for size and fit, how big or small should it be, etc.

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