Write A Narrative Essay About Moving To College

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It’s never too late to go after your dreams and achieve your goals. I grew up thinking there was one way to go about life to meet that goal to graduate from college. Do well in school, graduate High School, go to college, graduate. However, life doesn’t always work out that way. Though I can’t complain. I have been able to travel all across this great nation, and even some other countries. I have moved across the country 4 times, spent 3 months in Korea, where I was immersed in a new language and culture, and volunteered my way back into the workforce after almost 7 years of being out of it. Throughout it all the yearning to go back and finish college is still there.
My personal life story began in Sonora, Mexico, where I grew up until the age of 9. My parents then made the first life changing decision for me, to move to the United States. To be exact, move to Fargo, North Dakota. For about 3 months I did not get to hear or speak Spanish outside of my home. As my Dad worked on his Graduate’s
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Foreign languages and cultures intrigue me in a way that I cannot explain. Twenty years have passed since we moved to the United States, and it’s all coming together as I look to what has led me to this point. Furthermore, I have become aware that there are many ways to get what you want, you just have to take the chance when the opportunity arises. I am looking forward to being in one place for a certain amount of time, and to finally have the time, financial and emotional support that can allow me to go back to college and pursue my aspirations in life. There are many careers I have considered, but one that I discovered recently and that just seems to connect my interests with my life, Anthropology. I look forward to the opportunity to discover new aspects of this field of study at TCU and perhaps even be able to share some of my personal experiences with