Write A Rhetorical Analysis On Australian Children

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1. What is the form of this passage and what are some of the conventions associated with this particular form?
The form of this passage is an opinion column. Most opinion columns start with a declarative statement or a question, this particular opinion column starts with a question “What do Australian kids need to be happy?”

2. Identify three aspects about the article which can be inferred from title and subtitle.

The title and subtitle inform you that the article is about kids and what makes them happy. It also indicates that is it family
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What is the purpose of the image and caption? The image and the caption highlight the contrast that O’Brien is discussing. The image shows obviously happy kids who appear to be interested in brands (McDonalds T-shirt) and gadgets and gizmos contrasting with the caption which indicates they are deep thinkers. “Children aren't as materialistic as you might think”

4. In the article, O’Brien highlights what Australian children really need to be happy. What does she believe most people think Australian children need to be happy? Provide two examples to support this opinion. The article highlights that Australian children really need “a family that loves them” or “someone who I know cares for them” to be happy. Where as O’Brien believes most people think children need “gadgets and gizmos” to keep them happy. She states “If you thought it might be and iPod 4 or Sekure D custom sneakers - or for you to leave them alone think again.” O’Brien then continues to explain, that when asked about what makes them happy she discovered that “what they answered explodes the common belief that kids today just care about techno gadgets, trashy music and getting their face on
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The image is captioned “deep thinkers - children aren't as materialistic as you think.” She influences her readers to feel this way by her comment “Wow. These are kids who should be worrying most about wether they’re going to wear a Mambo or Billabong t-shirt to Glenelg Beach on the weekend.” This forces the reader to think about how far ahead their mind set is compared to their age. Another way O’Brien influences the readers that Australian children are smart and underestimated is through her speaking very highly and positively of them “They are worried about the state of the world, but not nearly as much as whats happening under their own roof.” O’Brien uses a contrast of hip, colloquial, humorous language, “If you thought it might be and iPod 4 or Sekure D custom sneakers - or for you to leave them alone think again.” and serious straight to the point quotes, “Someone close to me dying.” to highlight the difference between what most people believe children are concerned about and what they are really concerned about. I feel this drives her point