Write about the ways in which Death of a Salesman is critical of the business world Essay

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Write about the ways in which Death of a Salesman is critical of the business world Death of a Salesman is a play that ends with Willy’s tragedy. Form this tragedy, form the beginning to end with Willy’s death, I believe that the reflection of this tragedy is trying to point out the darkness and potential rules in the business world. Eventually, his career which is in the business world leads is literally leading him to the death.
I believe that the biggest matter which leads Willy to his death is his ideology and his belief. Before he starts his business career, he always firmly believes in his “American Dream” and that can always lead him to success. He believes that if he can be able to dedicate himself to his business career, he will eventually reach his goals. Keeping in his mind this principle, he virtually becomes more stereotyped in the way he views the society and how he processes his affairs. His behaviors involves every step of his family’s way. His big son, Biff, used to be a very promising student with his football in his school. Nevertheless, this shiny flame was relentlessly destroyed by his father’s hands. It is precisely because of Biff’s education which is spread from his father. It’s hard to believe that Biff used to be sentimentally attached to his father, Wily, for a long time. I think that’s why Willy’s failure in his business career crashes Biff’s mind, when he knows his father’s failure and observes his betrayal for his mother. This truth is so terrible and bloody that Biff can barely face it at all. The status of his father is like a bald eagle without wings who falls down form a peak all the way down into the deep a valley. Then Biff starts to lose himself. Stealing and pilfering seem not to be shameful on him. Moreover, his father thinks his son’s behaviors don’t break any rules or honors. Unexpectedly, he encourages and instructs both his sons to try to steal the timber. All because he tells his sons that anything would be fine, only if you have success and popularity.
Willy is incorrectly thinking that if his sons can be popular and well-dressed every time, then people and society will welcome those kinds of people like them, and get ready to reach their goals without any formal struggle. He always keeps these views of his life and reality in his mind. Somehow, he actually recognizes himself as another Dave Singleman. He sees Dave Singleman is able to make sales with buyers without leaving his hotel, and only thing he needs to do is just make a phone call. Even after Dave Singleman dies, a massive number of people honor and pay respect to this legendary person. He