Write An Essay On The Life Of A Nazi

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I was born with blue eyes and blonde hair a typical Aryan kid. At age 5 my eyes got darker along with my hair, so did my skin. I grew up with my mother and father also with 2 little sisters I was a very smart boy I knew how to complete sentences perfectly i loved my toys just like any other 5 year old boy, one day I arranged them into what you call “battle lines” in the living room I spoke about tanks and all that kind of things, mother said it interested me a lot.

I had grown up a Nazi. I joined the Hitler Youth in my teens. Nazi philosophy had been everything to me, I had completely and totally identified myself and my life with the ideals of the 'Thousand Year Reich." I'd joined officers school as early as I could, and joined the SS as a young man, and was sent to active duty right after training. I was with a Waffen Panzer division, which sometime late in the war was posted to the Eastern Front. I remembered so many things! Running battles, days without food or sleep, endless fighting. Trying to hold, being pushed back, and trying to hold again. So many of them, too many to stop...

The things I saw the images, got worse and worse i suddenly realised i was not only a solider and an officer but also was part of a secret “magical lodge” made up of SS officers. I was part of one last huge, desperate project - an attempt to turn the borders of Germany itself into a physical and psychic 'fortress' that the enemy would not be able to break through. We had to raise an incredible amount of power - more than ever before. We poured everything into that last effort. I remember fighting during the day, and then quietly leaving my unit to attend rituals at night in an attempt to raise enough energy to 'seal off' the borders.' I remembered SS officers gathering in spotless dress uniforms, the presence of fire, and fierce,