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Objective: With 4 years of experience, working In the Food & Beverage Industry, work with most Executive Chefs from La Quinta Resort, Hilton worldwide. Knowledgeable of culinary terms, techniques and practices that make standards cook or cook supervisor. I would like to utilize my knowledge and years of experience and skills such as systematic approach in making any dish, managerial skills in the field of culinary by giving training to other and cooks and collaborate as a member of the team. My job would also involve maintaining the inventory for the food department if required. I have never been more dedicated and passionate about producing high quality, creative and innovative dishes for the American public and all around the world of the culinary system.

(Coachella Valley High School) 2009 Diploma 3.6 GPA
Culinary Arts Certificate 2011 (College of The Desert)
3.5 GPA
Culinary Arts Management Associates of Sciences 2013 Expected Graduation (The International
Culinary School at the Art Institute of California Inland Empire) San Bernardino 3.60 GPA

Employment History
Aug 2009 – Jun 2010: Dish Washer

Maintain kitchen Clean
Managed Dish Storage
Managed Rest of the Team Schedules
Going over All Duties Making Sure It got done
Coordinated well all stuff Helped manage all Dish Washers roster

Were promoted to be a prep cook and been responsible that all preparation sheets were done by the time showed. Also, making sure to receive any new produce that comes in and that everything is correct.

Jun 2010 – Dec 2010: cook 3 (After got promoted to bee cook 3 pantry cook)
The Citrus Club At La Quinta Resort
La Quinta, CA

Took care of all pantry station and work station for service
Cooked meals, entrees, snacks and desserts at grill and pantry
Prepared sauces/Dressings
Talked with head chef about new menu options
Talked with waiters/Chefs about different specials
Prep for stock/and Storage

Got promoted to work sauté/ and be a cook 2 that way have a better chance to move to a better position.

Dec 2010 – Jul 2012: Cook 2 work Banquets/ Work Regular Service/ Cook for Wine Dinners/ Especial Events/weddings/ Experience: cooking International cuisine form all over the world.
The Citrus Club At La Quinta Resort
La Quinta, CA

Made sure all stations in the kitchen were clear and up to OH&S standard
Cleaned kitchen
Stored food
Checked food expiry dates and