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Famous Writer: Jay Asher
Writers Craft

Jay Asher is the famous writer of a book called 13 reasons why. He was born in Wyoming but later decided to move and live in California with his son and wife. Thirteen reasons why was the first book Jay Asher wrote. After the book published it became such a huge success, he got positive feedback not only from young teenagers but from teachers who then decided to teach it to their classes. It became a New York Times bestseller and was translated into 13 different languages. After Asher's first success he went on to write another book called the future of us along another writer named Carolyn Mackler. I actually didn’t enjoy the book as much as i thought i would. 13 reasons why was really good to me so i assumed that this would also be a good book, but sadly i was very disappointed.

So i will talk about thirteen reasons why. This book is about a boy named Clay Jensen who comes home from school to finds a box mailed to him with his name on it. Curiosity gets to him and he opens it only to find a set of 13 tapes. When he plays them he hears the voice of a Hannah a fellow classmate of his who committed suicide a few weeks back. It turns out that before she died she made tapes explaining her reasons behind her suicide and the people involved. Which makes Clay a reason. He then starts uncovering the secrets of people at his school. In the box she included a map of places of their town where most of the bad events happen to make the listener go to them. I thought it was it was cool that story took place in one night but it felt like it took place in a full year of high school This story was written as a suspense novel which made it more appealing for teenagers who might find it really hard to read about suicide or bullying. It attracted a more larger audience. Its what