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Reading Response
Perks of Being a Wallflower
Antonia Vergara
4) Describe the Writers Style

Stephen Chbosky, the author of Perks of Being a Wallflower, has a very distinct writing style. The book is written in a series of letter to a stranger from a boy named Charlie. Each letter starts off with Charlie writing the date and “Dear Friend.” Charlie is perceived as a very awkward fifteen year old who is struggling to be normal throughout his first year of high school. Because the entire book is written from his point of view we get to delve into his head and get to know him better as a character. At the beginning of the book Charlie is stated to only be 15 where in several parts throughout the book he seems to act a lot younger. This adds to his awkwardness. For example right after Charlie gets high for the first time and he walks in on Patrick and Brad kissing. “Listen, Charlie. Brad doesn’t want people to know. I need you to promise you wont tell anyone. This will be our little secret okay? “okay” (p.39)This shows that although there is only about a two year age difference between Patrick and Charlie, Patrick still talks and treats Charlie like a twelve year old. For good reason of course. Because the book is written form his point of view we can also see that he is actually highly intelligent and thinks quite maturely at times. It is confusing because sometimes he acts and is treated like a child ( like previously stated) but sometimes he can act beyond his age. “I don’t know if it’s better to have your kids be happy and not go to college. I don’t know if its better to be close with your daughter or make sure she has a better life than you do. “( p.63-64) This quote shows that Charlie is capable of thinking and understanding concepts with deeper meanings. It’s almost as if he is too smart to understand the “obvious teenager things” such as smoking marijuana. Despite being treated like a child a lot of the time he is also perceived as someone with much more maturity than a typical fifteen year old. The book also has a unique writing style do to the fact that it is written in short fragments and clipped thoughts. This is definitely important to the story because it lets us understand Charlie on a deeper level. His entries are usually not only short sentences but also very honest. An example of this would be when he writes about hitting Sean.” And I did. I really hurt Sean. And then I started crying.” These small details lets the reader know what is happening but also gives the reader room to imagine their own scenarios. I personally would have liked to have seen a deeper character development with more of the character throughout the book. Clearly we get to know Charlie because he is the narrator but of course we get a subjective opinion. The same goes for any of the other characters in the novel; they are all Charlie’s opinions. It would have been interesting to see what the other characters thought of Charlie. But that is what makes this book so interesting and unique. It is an adolescents diary. A biased opinion into the world of an awkward boy. It is a very intimate feeling, almost like Charlie is talking directly to you. It is interesting to read his thoughts and to be able to go with him on the roller coast that is freshmen year. 3)When you are reading do you notice any continuing issues that concern the author or characters?

Throughout the Novel Perks of Being a Wallflower we see several recurring issues including Aunt Helen, Charlie’s need to participate, and his constant need to worry about other peoples feeling. Right at the beginning we realize his love to aunt Helen. “My aunt Helen was my favorite person in the whole world.(p.6)” This pretty much sums up Charlie’s feelings towards her and from this point onwards her name is scattered throughout the letters.” Sam then gave me a hug, and it was strange because my family doesn’t give a lot of hugs except for my aunt Helen.” Although we don’t realize it at…