Writing 393 First Assignment Essay

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* What is your company’s fictitious name?
Stunning Appearance & Performance

* Is it a for-profit company or a non-profit organization?
This is a for profit company.

* What products or services does your company provide?
My company provides automotive customization services.

* Who are your customers?
My customer base is people who want to take their vehicles to another level of appearance and performance.

* How many employees does your company have and what departments do they work in? 17 employees: 1 receptionist, 1 manager, 2 upholstery specialist 3 employees who can do tint, 3 employees that can install electronics (stereos, alarms, mobile video), 2 painters/graphic designers, 2 body technicians, 3 fabricators/mechanics, and two detailers. 2. What problem does the company need to solve by creating a new product or service? The problem that needs to be solved is there are too many shops in the area that specialize in one thing but have ridiculously slow turnaround times. Also, shop specialize in only one thing such as auto electronics but require a customer to visit another shop to get new wheels or adjust the ride quality of their vehicle.

3. What new product or service do you expect to create to solve this problem? The new service I expect to create will be house in one area. It will be a facility that installs electronics, customizes a vehicle interiors and exterior, and provide performance upgrades all in one shop. This will create a “one stop shop” for customers to bring their vehicles in for minor or major work and have the vehicles returned in a