Writing an Experiential Essay

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Greg Smith 9/21/09

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In this essay I think I gave a nice thick description of the experience of catching a fish. I also think I explained well who fishermen were and why people fish. The part I thought could use more attention was when discussing artifacts of fishing. The easiest part to write in this essay was the description of catching the fish. This is because I have this experience burned into my head and I tell fishing stories all the time so it was easy to put into words on paper. The most difficult part in writing this paper was trying to describe why people fish. Even though I knew why, it was hard for me to write out my thoughts. In writing this assignment I learned more about myself as part of this group. I learned that I knew more about the culture than I thought I did and I thought that was interesting. My feelings about the culture haven’t changed, I’m just glad that I had the opportunity to share my thoughts and feelings about a sport that I love. When reading this paper I would like the reader to remember their last fishing trip and try to compare my experience with theirs. I also wouldn’t want the reader to biased about fishing. The peer editing I thought was average. The feedback was positive which was nice and I tried my best to help my group improve their papers. I figured going into the peer editing session that I would probably have the most ideas on how to change my paper and I was right. The most helpful…