Writing and Academic Success Essay

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The life of a college student may seem rough, but things such as setting goals for oneself and using resources within your peers or books, maybe even online student web can have many benefits for academic success. Being a college student can also be very stressful, Ross et al. (1999), conducted a study on college students of both genders and found a different set of stressors that were common among all college students; those experiences associated with stress included a change in eating and sleeping habits, new responsibilities, heavier workloads and breaks. There will be a lot of ups and downs on my journey, but with use of proper resources in and out of class it will make my assignments much easier to understand and accomplish. Critical thinking, good organization skills and the willingness to learn are essential when being a college student.
If you plan ahead you can get ahead. My main academic goal is graduating and becoming a nurse someday. In order to have a successful road to accomplishment I need to do research and make a step by step plan. Resources are essential in academic success. There are many resources within the University I personally feel would help me. One of my favorites is The Center for Writing Excellence. Using this help from the online university web will help me improve my writing and understanding of proper grammar and punctuation. The web is a major use when it comes to my learning. According to Davis, we define Perceived Usefulness here as "the degree to which one believes that using the Internet Learning Resources would improve learning performance." When it comes to my learning I go take advantage of the internet and libraries. There is so many different resources that can make your academics much easier. In addition study groups or even help from family will definitely be of use as well. You have to be open minded and willing to learn from others as well as take advantage of the university resources.
When it comes to learning I am more of a hands on person. I like to listen then do. I have to see how it’s going to work and what the outcome will be. At times I don’t listen and just go for it and try to figure it out on my own. When having my sense of learning I benefit by having the determination to learn with the initiative to gain knowledge. Having confidence in yourself and your writing is a huge benefit as well. However there is more than just myself involved in learning. I’m use to trying to do everything on my own, but it’s ok to ask for help and listen to others. There are also resources such as the writing stage I know will benefit my writing skills. Using the easy writing stages provided I will not only learn, I will create great writing assignments. It gives me the confidence to write with ease and believe in my own words. In addition I have learned different strategies to help me with writer’s block. In the CWE you can also turn in your papers to get checked for any plagiarism, which is something some college students such as myself do not realize they do it sometimes. Learning my craft and being patient, taking the time to read and gain knowledge have gotten me through.
Writing can be tricky at times. I myself have stumbled upon some troubles when writing essays, even letters. It is ok to go ahead and read outside sources and get ideas. The thing you don’t want to do is copy or plagiarize anyone else’s writing. If you decide to use someone’s words as an example or to support your statement you must create a citation. However, I feel when writing it is important that you’re writing from you with your own efforts. You have to have confidence in what you are writing and use your own words. I find myself catching writers block sometimes and that’s when you reach out to your resources and remember you can write. "Get all of your ideas out of your head and on to paper," Margolin says. Reading those quoted words have helped me be more open with my writing. I have always enjoyed