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Compare the Ways in Which the Two article are Presented
The way in which the writer in both article tires to convey the reader to read the article because of the use of headline and the subheading that have been used in the both articles. Firstly the writer of ‘Yasha, 8, Is Sum Genius’ tries to convey the reader on the article by using sub heading saying ‘He gets A for A level maths’. This sub heading suggest that the boy Yasha is capable of getting a grade A in a level maths because of his intelligence in maths. However in the article ‘Courage Is Timeless’ the writer also uses sub heading for example ‘Celebrating Our Past’. This suggests that the writer is conveying the reader to read the paragraph and also it is telling us about what that topic is trying to convey us about the subheading.
On the other the use of font also impress the readers because it attracts the readers to read more about the article and also it is readable for people who cannot read small letter writing. It also written in colour so that it can be appealing to the readers who are interested in reading the both articles.
Even though both articles uses presentational devices such as images and photographs to appeal the reader attention. For example in the article ‘Courage Is Timeless’ uses pictures to show what each topic is about according to their sub heading and to show how public can support them to donate money for their team. Whereas in the article ‘Yasha, 8, Is Sum Genius’ has not