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1. My strongest skills would have to be time and self-management, problem solving and information literacy, as I have two young children, work and now study a double degree at university. Being a mother of two young girls, I found out that time is an amenity, when I first started back with study I quickly found that I overestimated the available time and underestimated the time each activity took to complete so I became overcommitted. I will use this knowledge to plan out my priorities and set a routine. Other approaches I will use is the FILA approach (Fact-Issue-Law-Apply) and the SQRWRR method (Survey-Question-Read-Write-Recall-Review) I use both these approaches /methods daily and I believe these will be an advantage when it comes to study and assignments

2. Areas I need improvement on is verbal and written communication as well as numeracy. These skill sets are important to process, in fact they are vital for success as an individual. It is important to effectively communicate whether that be speaking or witting. If I don’t refine my verbal and written skills it will reflect in my way to interact with my peers or network within the law profession, give presentations and write essay and case summaries. Not refining them in the early stages will hinder my chances of gaining the marks I need for honours. Without graduating with honours, I will not stand out to my desired employer.

3. Ways I will improve my verbal communication will be by making mental notes, so I will always be prepared for what I need to talk about and not go off on a tangent. I will practice in front of the mirror, as my mother use to always say to me practice makes perfect. I will also focus on, is…