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Assignment Guidelines for the Evaluation Essay.
These guidelines, Your Assignment - Choosing a Topic and Drafting your Evaluation Essay, tell you how to approach the assignment, choose a subject and write an evaluation

Read and listen to sample reflections from former students and professional writers
Be sure to read a good sampling of evaluation essays, both in your text (see pgs. 125-128 and Ch. 58) and those posted in this course.
At a minimum, you should read two or three for each assignment. While there is no formal evaluation to check to see that you've done the reading, doing so on your own is critical to your success in the course. The sample essays are in a folder labeled Sample Movie Evaluations.

Write the Evaluation Essay Prewriting Activity.
Free write for about 10-15 minutes (at least 250 words) on the following topic:
* Step 1: What do you look for in a good movie? Write about the specific qualities that are important to you (quality acting, humor, cinematography, sound track, exciting action, effective casting, original plot, powerful message, etc). You can list a specific genre of movie (comedy, action, horror, etc) and then list qualities specific to that genre if you like.
* Step 2: Think about the last movie that you watched. How well does it meet the qualities that you listed above? (Do NOT summarize the plot) Your evaluation can be positive, negative, or mixed.
You can either type your words directly in the Message box in