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Taren Motte

Mrs. Behnke

College Prep

4 September 2012

College Composition

“Accept the challenges so that you may feel the exhilaration of victory”. That is a quote by General George Patton that I believe ties into why I took this class. This class is supposed to be challenging and rigorous, and by taking harder classes the output is bigger and can make me feel more accomplished. I’ve written not too many essays but look forward to the challenge that this class presents. I will do well in this class by constructing 3 main goals, getting a B or better, turning in all of my essays on time, and improving on essays throughout. One of my goals is to get at least a B in this class if not better. One of the ways to do that is to turn in all of the essays in on time. I will do this by not procrastinating and getting a head start on essays long before they are due. I will also make sure that I have a hard copy, and that I have submitted it online before going to class on the day that it is due. Another way I will get at least a B in this class is by paying attention in class. Absorbing all the information the teacher gives will help on writing the essay because they are also the grader. Taking notes on what the teacher says or little reminders on paper to help make the essay better. Another one of my goals in College Prep is to turn in all of my essays on time. As I stated above I will do this by not procrastinating. Doing work before deadlines and preparing ahead of time will help get essays knocked down easier and faster. Making sure I’ve turned in a digital copy online is crucial as well as the essay will not be completed unless done that way. I will also make sure I turn in all of my essays by checking to make sure that I have a hard copy and that I entered it online before school starts so I’m not panicking trying to get it done throughout the day. Checking the night before on the digital copy will help relief stress on doing it the day of. Always checking to make sure you have a printed copy that you go