In The Face Of Adversity What Causes Some People To Prevail While Others Fail

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Ms. Trevathan Belmont Preparatory High School
English January 2015
Aim: In the face of adversity, what causes some people to prevail while others fail?
Do Now: Writing Response -write a fictional monologue in the identity of one of the characters.
Monologue -A speech delivered by one person, or a long one-sided conversation. The Greek root word monologos translates to “speaking alone,” and that's a monologue: one person doing all the talking
Objectives: The assignments in this unit are geared to several purposes: 

• Identify the purpose for reading
• Adjust the reading rate according to the purpose for reading
• Determine the meaning of unfamiliar words by using classroom and other resources
• Distinguish between dictionary meaning and implied meaning of the writer’s words
To have students demonstrate their abilities to inform, to persuade, or 
to express their own personal ideas

Students will demonstrate ability to write effectively to inform by developing and organizing facts to convey information.
Students will demonstrate the ability to write effectively to persuade by selecting and organizing relevant information, establishing an argumentative purpose, and by designing an appropriate strategy for an identified audience.
Students will demonstrate the ability to write effectively to express personal ideas by selecting a form and its appropriate elements. 

Check the students' reading comprehension
To encourage logical thinking
To provide an opportunity to practice good grammar and