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Every week leading up to your final essay due-date, you will summarize at least ten of the most promising excerpts from the Book of Contemplation that could be used to answer the various questions within the essay prompt. You don’t have to use all of this evidence when you eventually write your essay. You also don’t have to find evidence for every question each week, but it’s a good idea to try to spread your evidence around.
You will submit your filled-out note-taking sheets on blackboard each SATURDAY BY 12:00 NOON (this deadline has been changed from what is on the syllabus).
The note-taking table below is one way to help you effectively collect your notes for a large text like the Book of Contemplation. If you prefer another means of taking notes on your essay, that’s fine, so long as it contains the information below, and so long as you submit it each Saturday by 12:00 noon on blackboard.
The “question #” column refers to the each question of the essay prompt. Summarize the potentially useful evidence that you come across in the “SUMMARIZED evidence” column. This summarized evidence will usually be too vague to be used word-for-word in the actual essay, but it will help you remember the evidence when it is time to write the essay. Finally, record where the evidence can be found in the “Page #(s) column.
Here is the submission schedule for submitting the Note-Taking Sheets
1. 12:00 Noon, Saturday 9 November: Note-Taking Sheet 1 (for pages 3-63) due
2. 12:00 Noon, Saturday 16 November: Note-Taking Sheet 2 (for pages 63-125) due
3. 12:00 Noon, Saturday 23 November: Note-Taking Sheet 3 (for pages 125-180) due
Remember, you must record at least 10 excerpts that could be used to answer one or more of the various questions in the essay prompt.
Finally, if you are on the ball and want to read beyond each week’s assignment, that’s awesome. The end goal is that you will have at