Writing and Various Writing Techniques Essay

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Overall, the quality of this class was more than I had expected. Originally, I thought it was going to be focused more towards writing on literature. However, when I discovered that it was actually focused on writing about careers I really felt I could relate and I found a passion for it. Being Biochemistry major, my "specialty" is certainly not in writing. Despite my incompetence to write throughout the course I found that I was able to enjoy writing and employ various writing techniques when writing about what I love my future "career". I not only learned new writing techniques, but I also learned more about my field of study. One of the most valuable assignments done in this class was the mock interview. I enjoyed the opportunity to do further research on one of my favorite biotech companies. I not only gained more knowledge about the company but was able to learn what it takes to potentially ensure a career there. I also enjoyed writing the cover letter and discovering what is required to work as a biochemist. This class has sparked additional interest in both writing and my career. Further, I was able to polish up my ill prepared resume and practice writing for the workplace. I have to say this was the most practical writing class I have taken. I like how the teacher was able to connect the writing topics to each individual’s passion / field of study. I love the idea of blogs, rather than having to write a full essay. In today's society, more often we are encountered with small spurts of information then a full on essay. I know my blogs are information heavy, but I had a fun time writing them and sharing